Wine Purse Handbag Spout included- Perfect for the Discrete Wine Lover…

wine purse handbag spout
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wine purse handbag spout

Drinksbag Cosmopolitan BagDrinksbag Cosmopolitan Bag

Ok, I admit, the first time I saw this Wine Purse Handbag spout thingie, I was mystified…. How in the heck does a thing like that even work? How does the box fit into the bag? And who the heck wants to drink boxed wine anyway?

The bags are classy enough to take just about anywhere…. they look like a regular woman’s purse, and the spout can be disguised if necessary. Wine purses come in a few different colors, so you can make it work with any outfit.

Boxed wine has improved over the years, and a number of vintners are putting their wines in boxes, so you don’t have to drink 3rd rate wine.


Why Buy a Wine Purse Handbag Spout included ?

Wine Purse 101

-Holds any 3 liter bladder from boxed wine.

-Fits all conventional spouts that come with the wine box.

-Extra bladders can be purchased, so you can fill it with juice instead of wine.

-Rubber bottom means it won’t slip, skid or tip over.

-The bag can be adjusted to a smaller size if needed.

-The handle is adjustable and makes the bag easy to carry.

-Holds a pack of ice as well to keep wine cool.

-Looks JUST like a purse!

Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.
Benjamin Franklin 

A Wine Purse Handbag With Spout is a Perfect Accessory!

Perfect for parties or gatherings.

These wine purses also make a fun gift!

Don’t scoff at Boxed Wine… You can slip it into these great Wine Purses, and serve it through the spout. Perfect for taking wine wherever you go!

And there are LOTS of styles to choose from!

Menu Baggy Wine Coat was the first Wine Purse Handbag Spout Included

Wine Purse Handbag Spoutmenu Baggy Winecoat, Neo Purple

The Menu Baggy Wine Coat is a great way to carry wine with you…. just take the flexible plastic insert full of wine out of a box of wine, slip it into the wine coat, adjust the spout… and off you go.

The Wine Purse holds any wine from a 3 liter bag-in-box wine box… with a little extra space for an ice pack. You can adjust the size of the bag by rolling it down to fit snugly over the wine.

You carry the bag with an adjustable rubber strap.

Wine gets poured out through a spout that comes out of the bottom of the bag. (If you tie a scarf or hang your hat from the side of the bag, you can “hide” the spout)

I imagine you will be the life of any party if you carry this fun fashion accessory.

You can get the Menu Baggy Wine Coat in Black, White or Purple.

Wine Purse Handbag SpoutMenu Baggy Winecoat, BlackWine Purse Handbag SpoutMENU White Baggy Winecoat & 1 Beverage BagWine Purse Handbag Spoutmenu Baggy Winecoat, Neo Purple

Fill the Menu Baggy with Other Beverages!

One of the cool Features of the Menu Baggy Wine coat is that you can also buy bags to fill with any other beverage you wish to carry…. so if you want to carry juice or lemonade… or sangria… you can mix it up yourself at home, fill the bladder bags, and use them just as you would the box wine bag.


Box Wine Purse HandbagCreative Danes 905031 Disposable Beverage Bag, Clear, 10-PackBox Wine Purse HandbagCreative Danes Disposable Beverage Bag, 15-PackBox Wine Purse HandbagCreative Danes Disposable Beverage BagBox Wine Purse HandbagCreative Danes 3-Pack Disposable Beverage Bag


See How the Menu Baggy Wine Coat Works

 Drinksbag Cosmopolitan Bag

Drinksbag Cosmopolitan BagDrinksbag Cosmopolitan Bag

One of the newest Wine purse bags with spout to hit the market is the Drinksbag Cosmopolitan Bag. It’s sleek and stylish… looks just like a regular bag a woman would carry… but with a cool twist! It holds a bag of wine in an insulated pouch!

The pleather bag is easy to wipe clean (in case of accidental spills!) and it has a separate pouch to store important items like wine glasses. The spout is covered by a flap, so it doesn’t look too obvious (or get dirty!)

A side zipper compartment is perfect for your phone, money and other “can’t leave home without it” items.

Drinksbag Cosmopolitan Bag Comes in 5 Colors!

So you can get one for every outfit!

Drinksbag Cosmopolitan BagDrinksbag Cosmopolitan BagDrinksbag Cosmopolitan BagDrinksbag Cosmopolitan BagDrinksbag Cosmopolitan BagDrinksbag Cosmopolitan BagDrinksbag Cosmopolitan BagDrinksbag Cosmopolitan Bag


Wine Purse Handbag SpoutDuVino BAG IT! Neoprene Wine Carrier Tote + FILL IT! Disposable Refreshment Baggie with Dispenser Spout – Carry up to 4 regular bottles (3 liters) of your favorite wine, cocktail or beverage! (Black)Prefer a Neoprene Bag? Du Vino Bag It

The DuVino Bag IT! is a discreet way to carry up to 4 bottles of wine in a sleek neoprene bag that slings easily over your shoulder. Looks a bit like a messenger bag, so no one will guess that you are actually carrying enough wine for the whole party!

Like the Menu Baggy, the bladder from a boxed wine fits easily into the bag, and the spout comes out the hole in the bottom. You can easily pour from there. However, the DuVino Bag IT also comes with extra bladders that you can fill with your favorite beverage…. juice, rum, Mai Tais….. etc.

The DuVino Bag IT! Holds 3 liters of liquid (that’s 4 750 ml bottles!)

The bag zips shut (to keep things discreet). There is room for an ice pack to keep the wine cold… and even room for a pair or glasses, so you have something to pour your wine in to.

This bag is available in Black or Red.

Refill Bags are also available for the DuVino Bag It!

On the go and don’t want to stop and wash? Or maybe you just want to fill a few bags for the weekend… Take these extra bag liners along!

Box Wine Purse HandbagDuvino FILL IT! Disposable Refreshment Baggie (Pack of 3)


Vivajennz Chevron Wine Purse (Black Chevron and Leopard)

Vivajennz Chevron Wine Purse (Black Chevron and Leopard)Vivajennz Chevron Wine Purse (Black Chevron and Leopard)

Black and White Chevrons? A Leopard Bow? There is nothing discreet about this  Wine Purse Handbag with Spout… except, the Spout… it’s hidden neatly under the bow, so no one will see that you are really carrying 3 liters of wine in your gorgeous bag!

Not only is this bag amazing looking… it’s practical… the lined interior will keep your wine to temperature all day. And if you are worried that it’s just too hot outside? Slip in a couple ice packs… there’s plenty of room.

The outside pocket is big enough for keys, phone, money.. you know, the essentials…. And the Vivajennz charm on the handle can be slipped around the stem of your wine glass, so everyone knows IT’S YOURS!


Major Benefit of Boxed Wine…

What’s so Good about Wine in a Box?

The rubber bladder in a box of wine slips easily into the wine purse.

Having the wine in the bladder keeps oxygen from changing the wine. White wine doesn’t benefit from exposure to air… and even red wine doesn’t want to be left exposed too long.

wine purse handbag spout

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