Wine Ornaments for Christmas

wine ornaments for christmas
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wine ornaments for christmasWhenever I go to a winery for a tasting (which is more often than you would think), I pick up Wine Ornaments for Christmas. Some people collect spoons, others stamps…I prefer to collect objects that reflect my true passions…

They are just so neat looking, and much more representative of my personality than say a plain old snow man. Plus there are so many to choose from! Mini Wine Bottle Ornaments, Wine Cork Christmas Ornaments, Mini Wine Glass Ornaments, Lolita Wine Glass Ornaments, and even Santa and Reindeer Wine Cork Ornaments! The selection is amazing! You could easily decorate a whole tree with these fun ornaments.

I also love giving these as Christmas gifts! Attach a cute Wine Ornaments for Christmas onto a bottle of wine with a ribbon, and you have a wonderful gift that lasts long after the bottle of wine is gone.

There are loads to choose from, and you don’t even have to work your way through Napa’s wineries to collect them all…. Although… that’s kind of fun too.

Wine Ornaments for Christmas

Wine Cork Ornaments

wine ornaments for christmasHome Sweet Home Cork Cage Ornament

These are EASILY my favorite style of Wine Ornaments for Christmas. They look sort of rustic, and have a cool wine country feel to them. I love the metal and cork combo, some even have some glass beads for accent color. Truly, these are my go-to, and I have more than a few on the tree.

Plus, you can tuck your own favorite cork into the ornament! (They open with a little hinge, so you can put the cork in).

My suggestion… Give one of these ornaments along with a great bottle of wine for a special evening. Then let your friend know to save the cork as a memory of that great time!


wine ornaments for christmasEpic Products Heart’s Desire Cork Cage Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasEpic Products WIne Glass Ornament Cork Cagewine ornaments for christmasEpic Products Cork Cage Eiffel Tower Ornament, Multicolor

Mini Wine Bottle Ornaments


There is nothing subtle about hanging a bottle of wine from your Christmas tree, in fact, hanging a big old wine bottle might be considered a little nutty in some circles (stay out of those circles, who needs that kind of negativity?). HOWEVER! These mini wine bottle ornaments are perfectly acceptable! And, your tree could probably support a whole lot of them….

So go nuts! Hang all of your favorite wines from your tree… in mini form! Sadly, they don’t contain any actual wine. But really, the bottles are even smaller than those tastes you get out of the hotel mini-bar. Not worth crying over.

Drink the regular size… hang the mini size….

Kurt Adler Wine Bottle With Grapes & Raffia Bow Christmas Ornament (4 Assorted)Kurt Adler 4.5-Inch Polyresin Wine Bottle in Basket with Grapes Ornament, Set of Bottle in Santa Claus Coat and Santa Pants Ornament – Set of 2

Mini Wine Glass Ornaments

wine ornaments for christmasGet Your Merry On Mini Wine Glass Decorated Christmas Tree Ornament

Well it stands to reason, if you are hanging mini wine bottles from your Christmas tree, you should also hang mini wine glass ornaments. (Otherwise, people might think you like to drink directly from the bottle, and you will get a bad reputation).

These cute little wine glasses are all around 4 inches tall, and have a loop for the ribbon that hangs them on the tree. I suppose you could drink out of them if you want to…. Pretend you are having a book club meeting with Barbie and Skipper….

These really look lovely on the tree… sort of like glass balls with a stem.┬áThe ribbon and decoration are a nice pop of color.


wine ornaments for christmasTaste of Purrfection Mini Wine Glass Ornament -Cat Lovers Unique Gift!wine ornaments for christmasChristmas Holiday Mini Wine Glass Shaped Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasEpic Products Chef Mini Wine Glass Ornament, Multicolorwine ornaments for christmasClear and Red Wine Glass Ornament

Lolita Wine Glass Ornaments

wine ornaments for christmasEnesco Lolita Christmas Mini Wine Glass Hanging Ornament (Blingle Bell ORN5-5546C)

Now… if you are REALLY in to collecting mini- wine Glasses then you NEED to have all of these Lolita Wine Ornaments. The Santa Barbara Design Studio originally designed Lolita wine glasses for girls night out! (Or is it Girl’s Night In, since you would drink from these with your Girl Friends..). The ornaments were created as a way of keeping those fun memories alive.

The phenomenon took off, and now there are loads of different collectible Lolita Wine Glass Ornaments!

Each hand painted Lolita Wine Ornament is 4 inches tall, and comes in a special see through collectors and storage box. You hang them from an included satin ribbon and metal hanger.

These adorable ornaments are the perfect gift for your girlfriends, fellow book club members, and that crazy cousin who really knows how to have a good time.

wine ornaments for christmasEnesco Lolita Christmas Mini Wine Glass Ornament (Blue Snowflake)wine ornaments for christmasRuby Snowflake – Lolita Mini Wine Glass Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasSanta Barbara Design Studio Lolita Holiday Mini-Wine Ornament, Girlfriends Rulewine ornaments for christmasSanta Barbara Design Studio Lolita Holiday Mini-Wine Ornament, Silver Snowflakewine ornaments for christmasLolita Hand Painted Mini Wine Ornament, Letter Mwine ornaments for christmasSanta Barbara Design Studio Lolita Holiday Wine Glass Ornament, Mini, Snow Timewine ornaments for christmasSanta Barbara Design Studio Lolita Holiday Wine Glass Ornament, Mini, I Still Believewine ornaments for christmasSapphire Snowflake – Lolita Mini Wine Glass Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasLolita Holiday Baubles Mini Wine Glass Christmas Ornament Retired Rarewine ornaments for christmasLolita Santa Barbara Mini Wine Glass Christmas Holiday Ornament – 10th Anniversarywine ornaments for christmasSanta Barbara Design Studio Lolita Holiday Christmas Beauty Wine Glass Ornament, Mini

Wine Santa Ornaments

wine ornaments for christmasKurt Adler 4-Inch Polyresin Santa on Wine Barrel Ornament

Santa probably didn’t get that red nose JUST from standing out in the cold.… I’m pretty sure he and Mrs. Santa are not opposed to a glass of wine at the end of a long day herding reindeer and elves. (If it’s anything like dealing with children, they deserve it!).

These cute Wine Santa Ornaments come in blown glass and in resin.… and they are all a lot of fun. Mr Jolly St Nick himself with a bottle of wine… or a whole barrel (he’s REALLY thirsty). You can even get him toasting with Mrs. Claus.

The Radko ornaments would be a special treat for collectors, wine lovers and fans of Santa … where else will you hit a trifecta so easily?


wine ornaments for christmasKURT ADLER 4.5wine ornaments for christmasKurt Adler 4-1/4-Inch Noble Gems Glass Mr. and Mrs. Santa with Wine Barrel Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasChristopher Radko Glass Off the Vine Cabernet Santa Claus Christmas Ornament #1018016wine ornaments for christmas4.25wine ornaments for christmasChristopher Radko Off the Vine Blanc Santa Glass Christmas Ornament – 6wine ornaments for christmasChristopher Radko Wine Not Nick? Glass Christmas Ornament 2014

Corkscrew Ornaments
wine ornaments for christmas4″ Tuscan Winery “Wine & Friends” Plaque with Twist Corkscrew Christmas Ornament

You can’t drink the wine if you can’t OPEN the bottle! These fun Corkscrew Ornaments remind us that sometimes it’s the little things that are super important (unless, you had someone teach you how to open a bottle with your shoe… I’ve never had success with that though..)

Old fashioned cork screws, new style corkscrews… whatever works, as long as you can get out the wine.

The truth of it is, a corkscrew is a small tool that fills us with anticipation. We know that the simple corkscrew will bless us with what is inside the bottle…. and allow us to share with friends.

All ornaments are 4-6 inches tall… and will add fun to the tree.

wine ornaments for christmasKurt Adler 4wine ornaments for christmasVintage Corkscrew Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasBuon Cibo, Buon Vino, Buoni Amici… Good Food, Good Friends, Good Winewine ornaments for christmasCorkscrew Bottle Opener Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasKurt Adler Corkscrew Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasWine Flies When You’re Having Fun

Reindeer Wine Cork Ornament

wine ornaments for christmas5

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer…. makes me think there is actually quite a lot of wine being enjoyed up at the North Pole…

I love the ornament of a Reindeer carrying wine (never really thought of them as pack animals… but, sure) Pluse, some very creative people have made absolutely adorable Reindeer Ornaments from wine corks. (It’s funny, when I see them, I think, “HEY, I can do that!” but I know I never will, so I’m just going to buy it).

Fun and Christmassy… Plus, it’s not just wine, it’s reindeer, so that makes the kids happy…


wine ornaments for christmasWine Cork Reindeer Holiday Christmas Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasSt. Nicholas Square Wine Cork Reindeer Ornament Be Merry & Brightwine ornaments for christmasRustic Reindeer Cork Ornamentswine ornaments for christmasWinedeer – Cabernet Winedeer Christmas Ornamentwine ornaments for christmasWinedeer – Meritage 2 Winedeer Christmas Ornament


All ready to decorate your tree with Wine Ornaments for Christmas? I know I am!

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