Special Gifts for Wine Lovers

special gifts for wine lovers
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special gifts for wine loversSpecial Gifts for Wine Lovers can be tricky to find. They usually have all the basic tools you need to drink wine… glasses, openers… and they usually have their favorite wines. But wine lovers do appreciate getting something new and interesting gifts to make their wine experience even better.

You will find gifts of all price ranges here from simple Wine Aerators,  Blind Wine Tasting Games and Wine Journals to Leather Wine Totes and specialized Wine Coolers. Whatever your price range, you certainly will find the perfect gift for the Wine Lover on your gift list!

Special Gifts for Wine Lovers

Cellar Notes Leather Wine Label Tasting Journal
special gifts for wine loversCellar Notes Leather Wine Label and Tasting Journal with 20 Label Lift Removers (Burgundy) – holds your tasting notes, ratings and labels from the bottles – Never forget that great wine – Classy and expandable – Complete bundle includes Label Lift label removers and helpful tips on how to taste and rate wine – A great gift for any wine lover

Keeping a Wine Journal is a fantastic way to preserve the memories of the many wines that wine lovers enjoy. This chic leather bound journal is elegant enough to be displayed in a wine cellar or anywhere in the home.

Each page has more than enough room to save the wine label, as well as notes from the tasting of each special wine.

This special Cellar Notes Leather Wine Label and Tasting Journal comes with 20 pages and 20 Oenophile Label Lift removers. Pages are carefully protected in plastic-protected sleeves. Since the book expands, more sleeves can be added as the wine cellar grows.

A Wine Journal is a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys tasting and remembering the special wines that they’ve enjoyed. And keeping the label is an easy way to find those special wines again.



Oenophile Wine Label Lift

special gifts for wine loversOenophilia Label Lift – 50 Pack

Many wine lovers keep journals of their favorite wine, and include a wine label as a reminder of their favorites. Collecting the label is the best way to keep all of the details of the wine, date and maker fresh in your memory.

The Oenophile Label Lift removes Wine Labels safely from wine bottles by separating it from the adhesive on the bottle, and laminates the label to keep safely in a journal or scrapbook. No more soaking the bottle in water until you can carefully peel the label off and set it on paper towels to dry. This is a quick and easy way to save the label without worrying about tearing it.

Oenophile Label Lift comes in packets of 10, 25 or 50.

Makes a great stocking stuffer… or an add on gift with a Wine Journal.

Leather Wine Tote Bag

special gifts for wine loversWine Tote, New, Genuine Leather (Black) (11.5

This stylish genuine Leather wine Tote carries 2 bottles of wine in an insulated bag that any man or woman would be comfortable carrying. It has the look of a messenger bag… but what it holds is much more interesting than some old papers… This bag is perfect for carrying wine to parties, gatherings or BYOB restaurants.

Each bag is well made with quality stitching. There is room inside for 2 bottles and an ice pack to keep them cool. Because the bag is lined and insulated, you won’t have moisture dripping through, and the bottles will keep to the right temperature.

There is a zippered pocket on the front of the bag that holds an included corkscrew.
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Zazzon Wine Saver

special gifts for wine loversZazzol Wine Saver- Vacuum Pump Preserver with 2 x Rubber Bottle Stoppers- Top Wine Accessories Gifts

Nothing wrecks a wine lover’s day like having a good bottle of wine go bad after it was opened and left unfinished. The Zazzol Wine Saver is a vacuum pump with rubber stoppers that keeps the remaining wine tasting as good as when the bottle was opened.

This simple gadget will re-seal a wine bottle tight enough that it can be stored on its side… or even UPSIDE DOWN. It prevents the oxidation process that can spoil your wine, from continuing.

The Zazzol Wine Saver is easy to use…. just insert the stopper, attach the vacuum and attach the pump. It removes just as easily, when you are ready to drink again.

Comes with two stoppers, but additional stoppers can be ordered





Rabbit Super Wine Aerator

special gifts for wine loversRabbit Super Wine Aerator, Clear

Wine lovers know that red wine needs aeration to achieve its full flavor potential. This little Rabbit Super Wine Aerator quickly and efficiently aerates the wine as you pour it…. no need to let the bottle “breathe”!

Such a simple little tool, yet it does so much.

Besides aerating your red wine to a perfect flavor, the Rabbit Super Wine Aerator also makes pouring the wine easier. You will have fewer spills or drips, that wreck table cloths or clothing, when you use it.

A perfect Stocking Stuffer for Wine Lovers.


Monogram Wine Cork Holder

special gifts for wine loversMonogram Wine Cork Holder – Letter S

The Monogram Wine Cork Holder is a handsome addition to anyone’s Wine Cellar Decor. (Naturally, you can get any letter of the alphabet…. not just S). Use just one letter, or spell out names or words.

Each letter is 12 inches tall... width varies by letter

Easy to hang on the wall… and fun to fill with corks. Or it can be used without corks.

This fun personalized gift will be enjoyed for years by your favorite wine lover.



The History of Wine in 100 Bottles: From Bacchus to Bordeaux and Beyond

 The History of Wine in 100 Bottles: From Bacchus to Bordeaux and Beyond

Perfect for the Wine Lover who loves to learn about Wine. This fun and informative book covers the entire history of wine by explaining the bottles; from their shape to their seals.

Oz Clark has written “The History of Wine in 100 Bottles: From Bacchus to Bordeaux and Beyond” with lots of interesting anecdotes that make this an entertaining read. It’s also full of illustrations and photographs to make it visually interesting and appealing.

This book would be a welcome addition to the shelves of any Wine Lover’s library.

Wine Barrel Cork Cage.

special gifts for wine loversWine Barrel Cork Cage

Wine Lovers tend to be collectors, and love to keep memories of their favorite wines, so this Wine Barrel Cork Cage would make an attractive and practical addition to their wine rack or cellar.

Every time they enjoy a special bottle of wine, they can just drop the cork into the cage, and see them add up! Made from Metal to look like a wine barrel, the cage is accented with scrolls that look like grape vines, leaves and glass beads.

At almost 10 inches tall…. you can drink a lot of wine before filling up this wine barrel!

An inexpensive and fun gift for your favorite wine drinker!


AmeriLeather Double Wine Case Holder

special gifts for wine loversAmeriLeather Leather Double Wine Case Holder (Brown)

This elegant hard side wine carrier is made from the highest quality top grain leather, and is designed to hold two bottles of wine securely in padded comfort. The rich and stylish look is discreet… it could easily be a binoculars case… but it will safely get your wine to any BYOB restaurant, party or gathering.

The interior is padded with insulation that is covered with a velvet fabric, and has straps to hold the two wine bottles securely in place. A zipper opens the bag into two halves, so the wine can easily be removed.

Included with the carrier is a wine bottle opener.

Oenophile Winetag Set

special gifts for wine loversOenophilia Winetag Cellar Set with Permanent Pen

Keeping track of the many Wines in a Wine Lovers collection can be tricky. The Oenophile Winetag set will keep any Cellar organized.

Wine lovers will be delighted with this simple kit… a nice looking box that contains plastic tags and a pen. Every time wine is added to the cellar, notes can be added to the tag, then the tag is hung from the neck of the bottle for storage. Years from now, it will be simple to remember where the wine came from, what you paid, or any other notes you wish to keep with the bottle.

Box contains 100 tags… enough to label and identify 8 cases of wine!

Makes a great Stocking Stuffer!


Mag Two, Leather Two Bottle Wine Tote (Purple Gator)

special gifts for wine loverschill-n-go® Mag Two, Leather Two Bottle Wine Tote (Purple Gator)

The height of elegant fashion combined with the usefulness of a wine carrier! This premium Italian Leather wine tote looks great, while carrying your wine …at the perfect temperature.. wherever you want to go.

The Purple Leather gator pattered leather looks absolutely fabulous. It’s super chic, classic scoop styling, looks great with any outfit.

Holds one magnum of champagne, or two 750 ml bottles in insulated comfort. Comes with a chill pack to keep your champagne at exactly the right temperature.

For the fashionable woman on the go… who loves to take her wine with her.


A Blind Wine Tasting Party Game!

special gifts for wine loversWine Game Kit – All You Need Is Wine – A Blind Wine Tasting Party Game!

Do you know someone who REALLY loves their wines, and loves to show off their palate? This Wine Game is the perfect way for them to showcase their talents.

The Wine Game is a blind wine tasting game that includes everything you need (except wine) to practice the 5 s’s of wine… Sight, Swirl, Smell, Sip, and Savor.

Includes- 10 Tasting Tip Sheets, 50 Tasting Note Sheets, 10 Numbered Wine Bags, 50 Paper Wine Glass Tags, and 10 Pencils. All you need to supply is the wine.

A fun addition to any wine cellar! Perfect for any group… from 2 to 20 or more!

Fermob Bistro Furniture

Koldfront Free Standing Wine Cooler

special gifts for wine loversKoldfront 24 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Black and Stainless Steel

The Koldfront Free Standing Wine Cooler stores 2 cases of wine… both red and white… at the correct temperature.  This really is one of the more special gifts for wine lovers. Perfect for wine collectors who want to store special wine at the proper temperature for drinking.

Because this is a free standing unit, it can be plugged in anywhere… in a kitchen, pantry, man cave, garage, or even an outdoor bar. Wherever you plug it in, your wine, both red and white will be stored at exactly the right temperature.

LED control panels make setting the temperatures a snap.

Wood shelves and a clear glass door make this refrigerator a stylish addition to any room.


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