Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers

funny gifts for wine lovers
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funny gifts for wine loversMud Pie Drink The Red Towel

If you are lucky enough to know a wine lover with a sense of humor, you will love giving these Funny Gifts for Wine Lovers. Silly, wacky, downright OUTRAGEOUS… these are the perfect gift for any people in your “book club”, bachelor/bachelorette party or that quirky sister who doesn’t do conformity.

Here’s a list of 10 funny wine gift ideas (and one not so funny, but definitely a great gift)… I sort of grouped things by type, rather than put them in order of price. You will, however find things at loads of different price points, so you are certain to find just the right gift or stocking stuffer to fit in your budget.

Some are naughty, some are nice, all are very funny gifts for wine lovers.

1. Novelty Wine Glasses Gifts

novelty wine glassesI DO YOGA – Just Kidding… I Drink Wine in Yoga Pants Wine Glass

Your glass of wine says a lot about you. NO! I’m not talking about what’s IN the glass (that only tells me if you like 2 buck chuck or “fancy” wine) I’m actually talking about the GLASS itself! Sure, anyone can pour a nice red into a beautiful stemmed crystal glass, but it takes a great sense of humor (or a strong arm)  to use any of these.

Big wine glasses that hold a bottle of wine  (no sense in wasting time and energy pouring..), tipsy wine glasses, and wine glasses with funny sayings. Any of these will surely bring a smile to a wine lover’s face…. and you can be they will be used! (BTW… if anyone is interested… I NEED the wine sippy cup, seriously! (Every time I wear white, I end up wearing red).


novelty wine glassesBigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glassnovelty wine glasses giftsBigMouth Inc Tipsy Wine Glasses, Set of 2novelty wine glasses giftsFunny Wine Glass – Novinophobia: Fear of Running Out of Winenovelty wine glasses giftsGrandma’s Sippy Cup Wine Glass – Funny Grandmother Giftnovelty wine glasses giftsDCI XL Wine Glass, Holds a Whole Bottle of Winenovelty wine glasses giftsWine Tumbler Glass by Drinkcessories 10 Oz Double Wall Insulated Pair of 2 in Decorative Box (Pink)

2. Novelty Wine Bottle Stoppers

funny gifts for wine loversSir Perky Novelty Bottle Stopper

In the unlikely event that there is an open and yet UNFINISHED bottle of wine, your wine bottle can be used as a flotation device.

Kidding, actually you have 2 choices.

1. Chug (seems like a bad idea on a Tuesday though…)

2. Put a stopper in it and SAVE the rest for tomorrow. (Yes, you can save wine for tomorrow!)

These silly Novelty Wine bottle openers will make the saving fun (I especially like Mr. Perky… and I’m giggling at the thought of a life-sized model).

Don’t go thinking that these openers will save your wine in perfect condition forever, but they will keep it safe and fresh enough until tomorrow’s emergency drinking session.

novelty wine bottle openersFred & Friends COQ AU VIN Wine Bottle Stoppernovelty wine bottle openersFred & Friends TOP BANANA Wine Bottle Stoppernovelty wine bottle openersFred & Friends STOP KITTY Wine Bottle Stopper

Uncorked Ventures Wine Club

3. Novelty Wine Holder

funny gifts for wine loversBigMouth Inc Vlad The Impaler Metal Wine Bottle Holder

Ok, for the record, I do NOT have penises on the brain… it’s just that, well, crap… yes I do.

Anyway… there are some fun wine bottle holders out there… both with and without penis references. Cow holders, alligator (or is that a crocodile?) wine bottle holders, even a cute couple… awwwww

To make this gift extra fun, you might include a bottle of wine (or even 2, I’d hate to think the holder will stand empty right away).


funny gifts for wine loversBRUBAKER Wine Bottle Holder Statuefunny gifts for wine loversWhimsical Drunk Man Metal Wine Bottle Holder #39funny gifts for wine loversWine Bottle Holder Crocodilefunny gifts for wine loversCow Themed Wine Bottle Holder Novelty Displayfunny gifts for wine loversWild Eye High Heel Bottle Holder, Leopard

4. The Wine Rack

funny gifts for wine loversThe WineRack 200-008 The Wine Rack, Medium

The Wine Rack makes transporting wine AND increasing your bust size a snap! Just think of the money that can be saved on augmentation surgery AND concession stand prices!

It slips on like a sports bra… only there’s a secret. Each cup contains a bladder that holds 12 ounces of wine (or whatever beverage you prefer). The wine is easy to access with a tube that you can suck on (if you are so inclined, you can even share with a friend… but… I say let them bring their own.)

There is no risk of suddenly appearing FLATTER… when the wine is gone, the bladders can be re-inflated with air.


5. Wine Themed Kitchen Towels

wine themed kitchen towelsWine, Friend tea towel,

Because the party happens in the kitchen… and by party I mean “Mom standing in front of the sink doing dishes with a glass of wine on the kitchen window ledge“, you might as well have the perfect kitchen towels to express just how you feel about wine, and kitchen chores.

Cute, funny, and to the point.. these towels will dress up your kitchen and give anyone who dares go in there a giggle. (And, if by chance, someone DOES wander into the Kitchen, hand them a towel and tell them it’s THEIR TURN to dry the dang dishes!… And them wander off to pour yourself another glass of wine)


wine themed kitchen towelsFunny Coffee wine tea towel- Wine coffee theme handmade gift- Flour sack towelwine themed kitchen towelsFunny Wine, raisin, grape tea towel, Flour sack towel, wine theme giftwine themed kitchen towels18X27wine themed kitchen towelsWine Classy Dish Towel – Retro Style Funny Phrase Uncork Your Sense of Humorwine themed kitchen towelsGet Sassywine themed kitchen towelsPPD Paperproducts Design Wine Lover’s Workout Kitchen Towel 100% Cotton (35081)

6. What is a Wine Condom ?

funny gifts for wine loversWINE CONDOMS Wine and Beverage Bottle Stoppers, Set of 6, Tuxedo Black, Gold Foil Packaging, Fun, Funny, Great Gift for Women, Men and Wine Lovers

When I first heard the words “Wine Condom” I had a vision of a flavored prophylactic…. you know… they kind you find in the bathroom vending machine.

However, these condoms don’t come in flavors, and they couldn’t work as birth control.

But they do keep your WINE safe… and we all know, “Safety First!”

Just slip a wine condom over an open wine bottle to keep your wine safely inside.

Wine condoms slip easily into your pocket (or wallet) and can be pulled out in any moment of need… like when you are done drinking, and you want to save the rest of what’s in the bottle (and you broke the cork because you used a screwdriver and hammer to remove it).

Fun and rather memorable.. Wine Condoms make a great add-on gift or stocking stuffer.

Give the Gift of Wine!


7. Funny Wine Calendars

funny gifts for wine loversLegacy Publishing Group 2016 Wall Calendar, Wine (WCA18949)

I always think that Calendars are a gift that keeps on giving. As a mom, I have one posted on my fridge… and a fun calendar makes me smile first thing in the morning when I’m checking the day’s schedule.

These fun Wine Calendars will remind you that life is more than just a daily grind… it’s all about wine too!

Each calendar has a big enough square to fill in the information for the day. Perfect for that mom/executive/regular person who wants to keep track of what’s going on in their day. Guaranteed to bring a laugh… you can even frame the pages when the month is done.

funny gifts for wine loversUncorked, Wine and Words 2016 Wall Calendarfunny gifts for wine loversAvalon 2016 Wall Calendar, Wine is Life (86526)funny gifts for wine lovers2016 THE LEGACY

8. Funny Wine Signsfunny wine signsPrimitives by Kathy


I love these Funny Wine Signs.. they just bring a smile to my face.

For any wine lover with a great sense of humor, these signs will be a treasured hit! They can be hung up behind the bar, or put on a shelf where wine (and wine glasses) are kept. They set a tone, and let the world know that in this home, wine is loved, and not taken TOO seriously. What could be better than that?

Remember, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere…


funny wine signsPrimitives by Kathy Box Sign, 4 by 8-Inch, Wine Goes Infunny wine signsPrimitives by Kathy Wood Box Sign, 10-Inch by 6-Inch, Alcoholfunny wine signsWine Diva Vintage Pin Up Girl Metal Sign Funny 12 x 16funny wine signsWine Improves With Age I Improve With Wine Wooden Signfunny wine signsVintage Style Sign Saying,funny wine signsWine How Classy People Get Wasted Drinking Distressed Retro Vintage Tin Sign

9. Funny Wine Mugs

funny wine mugsCoffee keeps me going until it is acceptable to drink wine – 11 OZ Coffee Mug – Funny Inspirational and sarcasm – By A Mug To Keep TM

Wine drinking and coffee drinking go hand in hand… actually, in most cases it’s like a relay race…

Drink coffee until it’s time to drink wine.

Might as well have the right mug to let everyone know where you stand.

These coffee mugs are perfect for wine lovers… and in a pinch, will also work for drinking wine (if you aren’t too picky about your wine vessel… and if you rinse the mug out after you’ve had coffee BEFORE you add the wine.)

These funny wine coffee mugs are perfect for a stocking stuffer for the wine lovers on your list. And I really love the Travel mug… can you imagine taking it in to your favorite coffee place for a refill? And you might cause an interesting stir on the sidelines of your kids’ soccer games.

funny wine mugsFunny Guy Mugs Might Be Wine Ceramic Coffee Mug, White, 11-Ouncefunny wine mugsFunny Mug – Shhh… There’s wine in here – 11 OZ Coffee Mugs – Funny Inspirational and sarcasm – By A Mug To Keep TMfunny wine mugsFashion Cool Design Funny Quotes There’s a Good Chance This Is Wine Pattern Travel Coffee or Tea Mug 100% Stainless Steel Material Travel Mugs (sliver) – 14oz Sizes Two Sides

10. Funny Wine Coasters

funny gifts for wine loversGrasslands Road in Vino Veritas Drunken Coasters, Set of 4


Just because you are reckless with your liver, doesn’t mean you want to wreck your furniture!

These funny wine coasters are perfect for keeping the woodwork safe. Plus they are funny as can be.

Great for wine lovers, animal lovers, and my mother … who ALWAYS made us use a coaster!! (and she ingrained that in me…)

Cute as a gift… makes a great stocking stuffer

funny gifts for wine loversPrimitives By Kathy – Box Sign Coasters – Winefunny gifts for wine loversMud Pie S6 Holiday Wine Cork Coasters, Tanfunny gifts for wine loversPups N’ Wine Coaster Set

BONUS! Bathtub Wine Holder

funny gifts for wine loversSipCaddy Bath & Shower Portable Cupholder Caddy for Beer & Wine Suction Cup Drink Holder, Best Christmas Holiday Gift , Clear

The Bathtub Wine Holder may not be HILARIOUS, but it is a fabulous gift for any wine lover. Remember, it’s all fun and games until you need an escape… and once you’ve spilled your wine into the tub a few times (seriously, the edge of the tub is just too slippery) you realize how important proper security is for your wine glass… and your sanity.

The wine glass holder suctions on to the side of the tub with ease… just rest your wine glass into the notch.

Unless you have a bathtub tidal wave… your wine is safe.

All you need now is a floating wine cooler….

Hope you all found the perfect funny gift for the wine lovers in your world

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