Insulated Wine Tote Bags

Insulated Wine Totes are a great way to carry bottles of wine and keep them cool. I love to take wine along on picnics, camping trips, to open air concerts or to parties. An insulated wine tote keeps my wine chilled to the perfect temperature until I’m ready to drink it..

Insulated wine totes can hold one, two or even six bottles. You can carry them easily, because all are equipped with the right handles and shoulder straps. One and two bottle totes can be slipped over your shoulder, keeping your hands free for a picnic basket… or for holding.

Some of the bags hold just wine bottles, others come equipped with an opener, and a few even have an included cheese knife and cheese board. And all are easy to clean with a wet sponge.

Insulated wine totes make great gifts, especially if you fill them with wine. Think corporate clients, wedding showers and birthday gifts for wine lovers.