Best Coolest Gifts Wine Lovers

Best Coolest Gifts for Wine Lovers
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Give the Gift of Wine!


best coolest gifts wine loversIf you have Wine Lovers on your gift list, then you don’t want boring mundane gifts, you want the Best Coolest Gifts Wine Lovers will REALLY appreciate! As a wine lover (and frequent drinker), I know that finding that special gift can be tricky, but it’s not impossible.

I’m not talking about another set of wine charms (not that there is anything wrong with those, but doesn’t everyone already have them?)… these are gifts that will WOW your friends! Maybe things they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. This 13 category list is pretty all inclusive… from the stocking stuffer to the high end wine cellar... from the slightly goofy, to the totally serious. There are Chocolates for Wine Lovers, Wine Racks made from Barrel Staves, Fun Signs, Wine Refrigerators, Books and even Wine Barrel Aged Coffee Beans! And way down at the bottom… stocking stuffers for wine lovers! (EVERYONE loves a stocking stuffer)

Best Coolest Gifts Wine Lovers will Adore!

Take a look, somewhere in these 13 things (plus stocking stuffers)  you are certain to find the best coolest gifts wine lovers want HERE!

1. Chocolate For Wine Lovers

I started the list with Chocolate, because, well, it’s CHOCOLATE. Chocolate and wine go together like …. chocolate and wine… These three packages are all a bit different… The Brix Tasting Set gives you 3 oz. bars of all 4 Brix varieties (Milk Smooth Dark Medium Dark and Extra Dark) cutting board knife and tasting guide from Phillip Goodband Master of Wine – all in an attractive gift box. Scharffenberger Assorted Tasting Squares Gift Box has 64 pieces (16 pieces each of 4 flavors Extra Dark, Bittersweet, Semi Sweet and Rich Milk Chocolate) all individually wrapped chocolate squares… perfect for doling out slowly and savoring with your wine. Finally, the Wine Lovers Collection comes with 6 tins, each containing 3.5 oz of chocolate perfectly paired to a specific wine; Cabernet, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Syrah, Zinfandel, and Port.

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Lovers Chocolates Collection | 1WLC06MX01, #6654Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversScharffen Berger Assorted Tasting Squares Gift BoxBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversBrix 4-Piece Tasting Party Gift Set with Cutting Board and Knife

2. Waring WC400 Professional Wine Center

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWaring WC400 Professional Wine Center

Granted, most people who enjoy wine already have an opener, maybe even two. But this Waring WC400 Professional Wine Center takes the simple act of opening a bottle of wine to a whole new level.

Not only does the Wine Center slickly open a bottle of wine (with little effort), it also seals it back up to preserve the freshness of the bottle. (For those rare times that you don’t actually finish the bottle of wine you opened).

The base unit made with brushed steel and black rubber is fairly attractive to have out. It holds the two hand held units while they charge. There is also a place for the foil cutter and two included stoppers. Both the opener and vacuum sealer have rubber grip handles, and work quickly and easily. Opener can open up to 50 bottles on a full charge.

This is the perfect gift for the gadget geek…

Of course… opening the wine is not enough, there are a number of other cool tools for wine lovers.

3. Stone Cold Chill Wine Chiller
Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversStone Cold Chill Wine Chiller Iceless 3-in-1 Rapid Single Wine Bottle Stainless Steel Rod with Aerator Pourer Gift Box for Wine Accessories and Gifts Plus Just Chill Ebook

The Stone Cold Chill Wine Chiller will instantly bring that bottle of wine to the right temperature, even iff you forgot to put it in the fridge.(see, you knew your forgot to do something…. ). Not only that… it will hold the wine to temperature without a messy ice bucket!

Simply open the bottle, pour off a bit of wine (into a glass, then into your mouth), and insert the Chill Rod. As you pour the wine, it is chilled by the rod. Not only that, the aerator pour spout at the top add just the right amount of aeration to open up the flavor of your wine!

The Stone Cold Chill Wine Chiller rod is stored in your freezer, and is ready to go after only 2 hours. Take it along on picnics, and never worry about condensation from the wine bottle soaking into the rest of your food again!

Great for Picnics or Concerts in the Park!

Speaking of Picnics and Concerts in the Park… You have to get the wine there….
Check out these….

4. Wine Purse with Opener

Perfect for the woman who loves her wine so much, she wants to take it with her! These beautiful purses are padded to hold a standard bottle of wine safely, along with an opener, your basic ID, keys and phone. They look like a fashionable purse… there just happens to be a nice treat inside! For bonus points, include a bottle of wine.
There are many styles and loads of other colors available.

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversPrimeware Black Croc ClutchBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversPrimeware Cougar ClutchBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversPicnic at Ascot Wine Carrier and Purse, Black/ WhiteBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversCarlotta Clutch Wine Bottle Purse

5. Leather Wine Bottle Tote

Perfect for that guy who wants to carry along a few bottles of wine, but does NOT want to be seen carrying some plastic sack from the grocery store. Leather Wine Bottle Tote bags have the look of a messenger bag or equipment case, so they are subtle. These classy Leather Totes are high end, insulated, and will be a very welcome gift. There is room for an opener, and some even carry glasses.

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversPiel Leather Double Deluxe Wine Carrier, Black, One SizeBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Tote, Genuine Leather, Black (Brown) (11.5Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversBlack Leather Wine Carrier Caddy Bag w/ Two Glasses,Stopper/Opener -Nice Bar SetBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversDavid King & Co. Deluxe Double Wine Bottle Carrier, Tan, One SizeBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversVetelli Wine Carrier / Wine Tote Bag – Leather Wine/Champagne Cooler CaseBest Coolest Gifts Wine Loverschill-n-go® Cellar Briefcase, Cotton/Leather Four Bottle Wine Bag (Chocolate)


6. Wine Glass and Wine Bottle Holders

For the Park, Garden,  or Concert… 

Now that the wine has arrived, it’s time to have a glass…. but, where will you put the glass down? Anyone who has ever tried bringing stemmed glasses to a picnic knows exactly how tricky that can be. Uneven ground has claimed more than a few glasses of wine. Take a look at these great solutions for keeping the Wine glasses and the Wine Bottles safe and upright!

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversTovolo Outdoor Wine Bamboo TableBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Glass- Bottle Holder-5 Piece-Stainless Steel-Outdoor-Picnic-Lawn-Yard-Camping-Stakes-Use With-Charms-Plastic Wine Glasses- Home Bar-Wine Cooler-Fridge-Liquor Cabinet-Wine Bottle Opener-Red Wine Glasses-Wine Bottle Stoppers-Wine Racks-AccesoryBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversSorbus Wine Stakes Set, Wine Sticks Holds Bottle and 2 Glasses Preventing Them from Spilling or BreakingBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversPicnic Time Mesavino Portable Wine and Snack Table

See the Mesavino Portable Snack Table in Action

Hand Picked Special Occasion Wines delivered to your door.- Wine of The Month Club

Looking for Best Coolest Wine Gifts for Wine Lovers to use Around the House?

7. Cool Wine Rack Ideas

Wine Racks Made From Wine Barrel Staves

Ok, sure, you could just store wine in the box it came in… but why not get a rack that shows off the wine a little bit, and adds some cool style to the home? Wine Racks made from Recycled Wine Barrel Staves! They look great, and definitely send a message that someone in the house really loves their wine.

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversHand made Re Cycled Wine Barrel Pallet Wine Rack, Wine Glass HolderBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversHanging Wine Bottle and Glass Rack 16+ Made From Oak Wine Barrel StavesBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversNapa Style Handcrafted Double Stave Wine Rack

8. When a Simple Wine Rack is not Enough…You can start Storing Wine in the Coffee Table…

This hand made Wine Rack Coffee Table from Michael Graham Designs will show off 10 of your favorite bottles of wine under a glass top. The tables are custom built using reclaimed wood and recycled steel. Other sizes and styles of tables or cabinets are also available.

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine rack coffee table

9. Wine Refrigerators and Coolers

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversRoyal Cave Constant Temperature Wine Cellar Cabinet & Rack 117 Bottle

Naturally, a true Wine Lover will need more than a simple Wine Rack to house their collection. Wine Chillers or Refrigerators come in all sizes and price points from the simple stand alone model to the all-in-one Wine Cellar edition. Some even have dual controls to set the temperature properly for red and white wines.

Royal Cave Constant Temperature Wine Cellar is the top of the line wine cellar for anyone who loves wine, but doesn’t have a real cellar for wine storage. This astonishingly beautiful piece of furniture holds up to 117 bottles of wine. Half of the piece is a cooling and humidity controlled system for keeping wine bottles at the perfect temperature for preservation. The tempered glass allows you to see in without letting in damaging ultraviolet light.

The rack also holds over a case wine for more immediate drinking in X shaped holders. With a shelf for display and for pouring, and an overhead wine goblet rack, this is an incredibly cool and very practical piece of furniture.

Of course, not everyone has room for such a big piece… that’s why there are some fantastic smaller Wine Refrigerators available, that hold different amounts of wine depending on your storage needs.

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversHaier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine CellarBest COOLEST Gifts For Wine LoversKalamera 28-Bottle Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic ControlsBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversEdgeStar 110 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Still looking? More Best Coolest Gifts Wine Lovers will LOVE

“At Home” Gifts for Wine Lovers

Ok, so Your Wine Lover wants to Stay at Home with their Wine…

10. Books for Wine Lovers

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversThe Essential Scratch and Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert: Take a Whiff of That

Wine lovers do love showing off their knowledge… why not give them a little more knowledge to show off? Whether they want to just know enough to get by, or they want to go full Sommelier… there is a perfect book for your Wine loving friend.

What? You think books aren’t cool? Well, these are… This is not “wine for dummies” or “snobby intellectualism” these are books that you would be happy to have on your coffee table, but also be excited to read… and in one case… scratch and sniff (and yes, it really works, it’s one of my favorites).

Wine History as told by the Bottles, Wine Pairings so you get your reds/whites and meat/fish all straightened out. There is even a book loaded with colorful charts and infographics to make the learning more interesting and fun! Of course, once they have that mastered, why not take the Sommelier course?

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversThe Sommelier Prep Course: An Introduction to the Wines, Beers, and Spirits of the WorldBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Folly: The Essential Guide to WineBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversPerfect Pairings: A Master Sommelier’s Practical Advice for Partnering Wine with FoodBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversThe History of Wine in 100 Bottles: From Bacchus to Bordeaux and Beyond

Maybe something for the Wall?

11. Art for Wine Lovers

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Letter Cork Holder Art Wall Décor – Metal – All 4 Letters W I N E – Includes Silicone Wine Glass Coaster and

Buying a painting is kind of a tricky thing… but you know your wine lover, and maybe one of these cool pieces will fit perfectly in their decor… or in their wine cellar…. I love the WINE sign that can be filled with corks (with my consumption habits, it will be filled before the end of the Holidays!).

As the point of art is to educate, enlighten, inform and entertain, I thought it best to include both types of signs… So, you can choose the vintage bottles, or the informative world origins of wine… or you can just go with the retro sassy

And sassy is always cool… (just like Fezzes)

The Tin Signs are made from high quality recycled  tinplate ... which is eco-friendly.

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Around the World Tin SignBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Bottle Sizes, Metal Tin Sign, Wall Decorative Sign, Size 8Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine How Classy People Get Wasted Drinking Distressed Retro Vintage Tin SignBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversERLOOD I Always Cook with Wine Sometimes I Even Add It to the Food Tin Sign

12. Games for the Wine Lover

Games are fun, and games that involve wine are even MORE fun (not so sure about that? think back to college for a minute… ) Games with wine tend to be based on Tasting or Knowledge (unless you are 13, in which case you are spinning the bottle, not necessarily drinking from it).
These wine games are great for parties!
Wine Wars is a straight up Trivia Game… perfect for wine nerds who love to show off…. The Wine Game Kit is a blind tasting game… it comes with 10 bags as well as score sheets for each wine.
Finally, the Zinzig game… a bit of a hybrid of trivia and tasting.

(I figure you can set up your own wine pong game…)

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Game Kit – All You Need Is Wine – A Blind Wine Tasting Party Game!Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Wars: A Trivia Game for Wine Geeks and WannabesBest Coolest Gifts Wine Loverszinzig Wine Tasting and Trivia Game for Wine Parties, Dinners, Tastings

13. Wine Flavored Coffee
(Talk about a cool wine gift!)
Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversWine Barrel Aged Premium Whole Bean Coffee – Barrel Brand by Death Wish Coffee – 8 Ounce Bag

After all this wine, it might be time to wake up. Barrel Brand Coffee by Death Wish ages Coffee Beans in wine barrels to give it that unexpected flavor of wine.

What a fabulous way to start the day!!!

You get an 8 ounce bag of Barrel Aged and wonderfully rich Coffee Beans.

The coffee beans are organic and responsibly sourced. Death Wish Coffee uses the newest equipment to roast their coffee beans to perfection. If you are not completely satisfied, you may return them for a full refund.

Death Wish Barrel Brand Coffee is the perfect gift for Wine Lovers and Coffee Lovers!

Stocking Stuffers for Wine Lovers

Sometimes a little thing can be a big thing! Any of these fun and reasonably priced Stocking Stuffers for Wine Lovers is certain to be appreciated… especially if it comes with a bottle of wine!
A foil cutter is such a useful thing, they will wonder how they ever lived without it… and the thermometer will let you know when the wine is a perfect temperature.
And of course, you need to keep track of your glass… (I make exceptions on the wine charm idea, because it’s the ROLLING STONES!)

Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversVino Marker Metallic Wine Glass Pens – Pack of 4 – The Fresh Alternative to Wine CharmsBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversEDGY Wine Foil Cutter Accessory with Perfect Stocking Stuffer Gift Box, Easy Wine Bottle Opening for Wine Lovers, BlackBest Coolest Gifts Wine LoversFortySevenGems Set of 12 Rolling Stones Album Cover Collection Wine Charms Mailed in a Cool Gift TinBest COOLEST Gifts For Wine LoversFred & Friends CHIT CHATS Drink Markers, Set of 48Best Coolest Gifts Wine LoversKikkerland Wine Bottle ThermometerBest COOLEST Gifts For Wine Lovers3d Red Wine Glass Transparent Hard Case Cover Shell for Iphone 6 (4.7 Inch) + Screen Protection Film Guard

Best COOLEST Gifts For Wine Lovers

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